Regional ProcurementThe goal of Regional Procurement is to increase market share to provide cost effective tendering and procurement solutions to our members. Consolidating our position and looking after our existing and new members is paramount to the success of this initiative.
Regional Procurement Initiative®, a division of Hunter Councils Ltd. has been established in response to a need for a collaborative approach to regional tendering and contracting. It is estimated the Regional Procurement Initiative® members contribute upwards of 200 million dollars to the economy through their tenders and contracts.
It is the purpose of the Regional Procurement Initiative® to reduce the administrative impost on our member councils caused by their respective annual or bi-annual tender processes.

Benefits for Member Councils:
Efficiencies in both financial and administrative areas by adopting a centralised approach to common use period contracts and services. Regional Procurement® will deliver value to its members by achieving economies of scale savings in the following areas:

  • Provide a service to member councils that delivers the same or better outcome to what could have been achieved without the need to invest valuable resources.
  • Reduce administration in the tender process as we obtain and collate all preliminary information, prepare and pay for tender advertisements and formulate the tender specification in consultation with relevant council officers.
  • Form a tender evaluation panel consisting of a minimum of relevant council officers and the Manager for Regional Procurement®. This in itself saves the member councils time and money in that a dedicated group of people are focussed on obtaining an outcome that best serves all concerned parties.
  • Presentation of a generic tender evaluation report to each member council to expedite the acceptance process.
  • Provision of an outcome that offers member councils the security of knowing that their best interests have been taken into consideration.

Benefits for Industry:

  • Reduced administration as companies will be able to access multiple councils through the one tender process
  • Confidence that the tender outcome is transparent and will be supported by member councils
  • Having a central point of contact to access all member councils

For further information regarding Regional Procurement, please visit its website by clicking here