The Hunter Councils group comprises three entities:

  • The Hunter Joint Organisation of Councils:  a corporate entity within the framework of the NSW Local Government Act 1993
  • Strategic Services Australia Ltd:  a commercial entity within the Corporations Act 2001.  Strategic Services Australia is a company limited by guarantee and is owned in equal measure by the ten councils of the Hunter Region
  • Hunter Councils Legal Services Ltd:  an incorporated legal practice trading under the name of Local Government Legal and wholly owned by Strategic Services Australia Ltd.


Our peak entity and “reason for existence” is the Hunter Joint Organisation of Councils (JO).  The Board of the Hunter JO comprises the Mayors of our member Councils who each have one vote in regard to Board matters.   A representative of the Department of Premier and Cabinet is a non-voting member of the Board and the Council General Managers / CEOs attend meetings in an advisory capacity.

The Joint Organisation Board also acts as the member Council representative in regard to our commercial operations, and bimonthly meetings are held so that the company Directors can report on progress and identify areas of issue and opportunity.  The Board of Strategic Services Australia Ltd comprises the Council General Managers / Chief Executive Officers.

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Hunter Councils group corporate entity structure