The Hunter Joint Organisation’s Environment Division works directly with the 10 Councils of the HJO and Central Coast Council to leverage and expand the environmental management works of Councils in the region.   The Division develops and implements the Hunter and Central Coast Regional Environmental Management Strategy (HCCREMS).

Established in 1996, what is now the HJO Environment Division is managed by a dedicated regional team of environmental professionals in partnership with member councils, as well as state and federal agencies, NGOs and community networks and associations.

The current focus areas of the Division are:

  • Natural Systems – including biodiversity conservation and natural resource management
  • Environmental Resilience – including contaminated land management and natural disaster preparedness
  • Liveable Communities – including energy and water efficiency and sustainability
  • Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery

The Division seeks to:

  • Facilitate regional cooperation on the development and delivery of a range of environmental management and protection projects
  • Promote Ecologically sustainable development and assist councils to be leaders in their communities on ESD matters.
  • Coordinate and promote cost effective and sustainable environmental management practices and solutions, through regional cooperation in research, capacity building, planning and information exchange between the member councils.
  • Attract funding and resources to the region to design and deliver innovation and best practice in environmental management policies, practices and programs.

For more information on the HJO Environment Division and the specific projects currently being implemented, please visit the HCCREMS website.


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