LGTIHunter Councils became a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in 2001 and is approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to deliver nationally accredited training.

Our training division trades as the “Local Government Training Institute (LGTI)”.  The core business of this division is to research, develop, deliver and coordinate training for council employees, which is cost-effective, meets the client needs and accessible to council staff.

Organisational Structure

LGTI training courses are developed, supported and administered by a dedicated team of administration and training staff, including our RTO Manager, Training Support Officers and Trainers.  Client relationships and services are supported by our Director, Manager, and Business Development Staff.

Systems have been developed and refined over time to record and report on training results, act on client feedback and improve responsiveness to clients.

LGTI trainers and assessors have extensive local government and expertise in their field.

They understand the framework within which councils must operate.

They understand the cultures of the different sectors of councils.

We deliver training to staff that relates to the jobs they do, and addresses problems they face.

LGTI employs 15 permanent staff (including several staff trainers plus a number of well-qualified contract trainers and assessors. Trainers and assessors can cater for any skill requirements required for Council.

Scope of LGTI Services

The scope and services provided by LGTI have continued to expand since accredited training was first delivered in 2001. LGTI has developed or organised hundreds of training courses for staff across a wide range of job functions, particularly in Local Government.

Programs have been adapted to suit the needs of all staff, including operational staff, administration and management. LGTI has built a strong and positive reputation in providing training to councils and other industries throughout Australia.

LGTI is abreast of emerging issues in local government. LGTI have assisted with Training Needs Analysis and addressed gaps in learning with training and assessment initiatives. Some examples have included training to address new legislation e.g. Privacy and Protection of Personal Information, WHS, the planning system and Code of Conduct.

LGTI has adopted an innovative approach to developing and delivering training to meet each client’s needs. Many of the courses we provide are developed specifically for the specialised needs of council staff.

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