Partnership – the basis for planning the future of the Hunter

The Hunter Joint Organisation is pursuing a  partnership, between the all three levels of government, to develop our region for the future prosperity of both the people of the region and New South Wales.

The Hunter Joint Organisation has presented to the New South Wales and Commonwealth Governments a vision for Australia’s first Intergovernmental Partnerships Project that services both a city and a region.

This starts with a commitment to come together to develop a shared vision, based on clearly articulated principles for collaboration, under a Memorandum of Understanding.

Population – challenges and opportunities 

Hunter Joint Organisation has also developed a paper A Growth Agenda for the Hunter on population and migration trends within our region.

The intent of the paper is begin to explore the challenges and opportunities within the region, through the lens of population and migration.

In February 2019, the COAG Treasurers’ forum agreed to work together to develop a national population and planning framework, for consideration by COAG later this year, which will set out a practical approach to improve population planning and management.

As a first step, the forum agreed to immediately establish two working groups on Regional Analysis, and Data and Forecasting.

These are critical areas where all three levels of government should work to align our understanding as to what is driving current trends and collaboratively explore options for the future in order to maximise economic and social outcomes for the region, the state and the nation.

Our population paper is the Hunter Joint Organisation’s initial contribution to this critical intergovernmental dialogue.