Hunter Councils has a wide range of professional groups whose purpose is to encourage skills development, networking and resource sharing amongst the staff of our member councils. Largely operating as self-directed teams, the groups vary widely in their nature, in the frequency of their meetings and the breadth of their membership base.

Most of the professional groups have a sponsoring General Manager whose role is to provide encouragement, wise counsel and, when it is appropriate, support in communicating ideas and opportunities to the wider General Manager group.

Hunter Councils, as an organisation, facilitates but does not direct the operation of the professional groups. Our role focuses on support through the provision of venues and catering and extends at times to the assistance in group communication and in the development of business papers.

Below is a list of the current active Hunter Councils Professional Groups. Click on each link for further information regarding that group:

  • Community & Cultural Development
  • Community Planning & Development
  • Customer Service
  • Economic Development & Infrastructure
  • Environment Directors Forum
  • Human Resources & Training
  • Information Hunter (IT)
  • Joint Purchasing/Procurement Group
  • Records Management
  • Regional Waste Educators Group
  • Regional Waste Group
  • Regional Weeds Managers Committee
  • Risk Management Team
  • Sports & Recreation Committee
  • Workplace Health & Safety