Three groups will work with the JTSSE project team over the next six months.  Although they are small groups they represent a comprehensive coverage of the Hunter’s reach and its event opportunities.

A Reference Group of six includes councillors and general managers nominated by the JO Board in February 2018 will receive progress reports and provide a link between the project team and the Joint Organisation of Councils.

  • Cr Tracy Norman – Mayor, Dungog
  • Cr Kay Fraser – Mayor, Lake Macquarie
  • Cr Ryan Palmer – Mayor, Port Stephens
  • Coralie Nichols, General Manager, Dungog Shire Council
  • David Evans – General Manager, Maitland City Council
  • Steve McDonald – General Manager, Upper Hunter Shire Council
  • Roger Stephan – CEO, the Hunter Joint Organisation

An Advisory Group of senior event practitioners in the Hunter will work more closely with the team on events and consider future options.  Six members have been identified for this group.

  • Jo Thomas, Hunter Valley Wine and Tourism Association
  • Rachel MacLucas, Maitland City Council
  • Hannah Jamieson, Newcastle Airport
  • Mark Stratford, Newcastle City Council
  • Glenn Caldwell, Sydney Surrounds North Destination Network
  • Glenn Turner, Venues NSW Board

The Hunter Events Operations Group (HEOG), proposed in the report Taking Hunter Events to the Next Level, will comprise Hunter councils events staff.  Members will share information about events that impact multiple LGAs.  It may also consider collaboration options around event consent processes, permits, event calendars and websites.

JTSSE will work closely with the broader stakeholder network in the Hunter through a range of consultations, analysis of existing activities and events, assessment of event infrastructure and assets, and opportunities to enhance existing events or develop new signature events. 

The project will also consider how existing events can be enhanced to extend benefits into the region.  Event enhancement (and risk mitigation) strategies can build broader support with the business communities of Newcastle and the Hunter, which in turn can further develop event capabilities and profile.